Monday, 8 June 2015

Book Review: Apocalypse Bow Wow by James Promios III.

Book: Apocalypse Bow Wow

Author: James Proimos III

Illustrator: James Proimos Jr.

Pages: 224

Read On: Paperback

How Long it Took me To Read: 1 hour, with a few breaks.

Plot Summary: The end is nigh. Apocalypse has dawned. Everyone has gone ... everyone, that is, except for two dogs. Unbeknownst to Brownie and Apollo the world has turned to utter chaos. It is only when dinner time comes and goes, that the pair slowly begin to realise that their owners might be Gone For Good.

There's only one option - leave the comfort of their sofa and head into what's left of the world. With only their wits about them, Brownie and Apollo must find a way to survive. It's a dog-eat-dog world now!

General Thoughts: This book was sent to me by the folks over at Bloomsbury India for free, in exchange of an honest review. This however has no bearing on my review. The thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Things I Liked: 

1. The premise of this book is pretty interesting. We always see the human perspective and angst when it comes to apocalyptic fiction but never the canine perspective. This was unique and fun view of things.

2. I love dogs. Animals in general are adorable but dogs are simply the funnest things and seeing the world through their eyes was very enjoyable.

3. This was a fun and quick and easy read.

4. The art and illustrations were lovely too.

5. This was funny, really funny...laugh out loud funny.

6. The dogs and their personalities were so well-fleshed out. They felt like real people (?) and very real. 

7. Even though aimed at kids and young adults, this book is perfectly enjoyable for adults as well.

Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a happy, easy and quick read. This is also a perfect read for dog lovers! And a perfect gift to give the dog lovers in your life!


Shalet Jimmy said...

I have noted it down. Hope I will get this one from the flip kart.

Pooja T said...

I think it should be there on flipkart it is definitely there on Amazon. I hope you enjoy the book :)