Saturday, 6 June 2015

General Whimsy: What's in my Tote Bag?


Summer and Tote bags are a perfect pairing. 

An iced-coffee in hand and a book tucked into your tote bag is pretty much my idea of a summer well spent. 

This tote bag from Etsy was my tote this summer. 
Big enough to fit my essentials and light enough to not weigh me down. 

Here is what I carry around in my summer tote..

This tote bag is perfect. Big, roomy, light as a feather and that print is just perfection! 
It's from Etsy from a store called Ceridwin Hazelchild Design 
The store is lovely overall and the tote bags are just wonderful. I also have one with a caravan on it. I keep in my bag, in case I need to put things like groceries or books in it and not use a plastic bag!

I just adore the print on this bag. Vintage hand-drawn teacups. So darling!!!

A look inside. 

My make-up bag to hold all the things I need to touch up, compact, lipsticks, lip balm, kajal and mascara. 
My make-up bag is from Limeroad and I love it! So totally my aesthetic. I just might do a what's in my make-up bag post later on.

My sunglasses from Forever New. 

My floral wallet which is super colourful on the inside. My wallet is from 20 Dresses.

My pouch that I store my camera in and some gum. 

My phone in it's super adorable phone case from Chumbak.

A book, obviously! This was my read at the time. 

A tiny little owl friend to hold extra camera battery and SD cards. Also she hold my extra headphones. She is from Accessorize. 

Mint and gold polka-dot to hold odds and ends like car keys, house keys. hair ties, clips, medicines and bandaids. The pouch is from Forever 21. 

My Field Notes journal and two-coloured Owl pen from Accessorize.

A tiny but pretty coin-purse- from Accessorize to hold my iPod and headphones.

Hope this Saturday is treating you well. :)

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