Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hello June, 2016!

Hello June! 

Hello Monsoons!

Hello Hometown!

Hello Travel!

Hello Family!

Hello Family Weddings! 

This June finds me in my hometown in West Bengal.
A little town called Jalpaiguri in North Bengal.
This is the place my family comes from. 
My dad's entire extended family lives in the same gated compound as us.
My mother's maternal side of the family lives a 3 minute walk away.
So there is no dearth of loved ones here.

I am here to attend my cousin brother's wedding.
So this holiday will be a little different from my other holidays here. There will still be a lot of resting and relaxing and chilling and hopefully reading. But there will also be loads of family time and lots of wedding related shenanigans. 


I've been here almost a week now and I am loving the weather. 
It's such a welcome change after Bombay's humid weather. It rains here almost every night and it gets chilly after it. Bliss! 
I've been eating all sorts of delicious food and spending time with my parents. 

Reading has been a little slow.
I've read a few short stories here and there and read 2 books rather distractedly. 
But I have a lot of reviews lined up for the blog. My sister has been a reading machine since the very start of our holiday :) and will do a couple of book reviews for the blog. 

I hope June is a happy month.
For you & me! 

Happy Reading and Living folks :)


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