Monday, 20 June 2016

Monday Moods: Coffee Chronicles.


For this Edition of Monday Moods I thought I'd do a little love song for Coffee!
I adore coffee.
And the only way coffee gets better is if it's had in a place of beauty.
A cozy coffee shop.
A little bookstore.
A corner of your home that comforts you.
And of course in the hills.
Actually anything is good in the hills.
The cold breeze, the clean air and majestic views for miles. 
In Landour every cup of coffee was a dream.
Relished with love.
And had in utter calm and peace. 

Hope your Monday is treating you well.
Mine is rainy and cloudy and lovely.
I've had my cup of coffee with a side of rain and reading.
Perfection really! 


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