Saturday, 4 June 2016

Monthly Favourites/// May 2016.


Time to see all the things I've loved in May.
May was a funny month.
Long and hot.
But good.
It was a month spend planning our trip to the hometown.
So lots of list making and deciding on wedding outfits and the like. 
And I read a decent amount too.
Had my first Mango of the year.
Watched a ton of movies--English, Hindi and Bengali. 
Cooked a lot of delicious meals.
Shopped for pretty things.

May you were utterly lovely. 


Let's see my favourites from the month of May. 

1. Paints & Art/// My sister finally caved in and bought the Gansai Tambi 36 colour palette in May and while she is smitten and has done some beautiful little art with her new colours. I have stuck to doing dinky little swirls. It makes me happy and this palette is truly wonderful and worth every penny. 
Journaling was also a big love of mine this month.
I love making lists and writing my daily thoughts in this journal of mine.
I stick bits of memories and even doodle and draw in it.

2. Summer Sunshine/// I am no fan of summer. I pretty much hate it, truth be told.
But there is something about the summer sun. It's vividness and brightness is something special.
I have also had some truly lovely Sunday's in May.
Lazy days full of reading and delicious brunch.

3. Mango Milkshake/// Yum in my tum!
There was a lot, a lottttt of Mango Milkshake in my life in May.
And it was all wonderful and delicious! 
Also this corner of my home strewn with stacks of books is a favourite of mine. 

4. Cute New Prints/// I added a lot of cute prints to my wardrobe in May.

Above: Strawberry pjs I found while grocery shopping in Big Bazaar. I love these. Cute to boot and comfy and extremely affordable. 

Below: Popsicle print tee from Forever 21
Softer as hell and so cute! 

5. Summer Style/// I wore some version of this outfit all month long.
Cotton kurtis and colourful beads and of course silver.
Clothes that let you breathe and make summer a little bearable.

6. Favourite Stationery- Paper Geek Co.//// This has got to be my favourite stationery bits of May.
2 sets of floral Field-Notes sized notebooks.
2 floral ink pens.
Beautiful and lovely quality of each and every thing.
This is the second set of things we've gotten from this shop and it was just as lovely.

7. Favourite Bookmark/// How adorable is this piggy bookmark?
Spotted this and two others and had to have them.
Made out of elephant poo, I love the colour and the piggy.

8. TV Show: The Secret (Mini Series)/// Based on a true story and a confession that was 20 years in coming, The Secret, is a British mini series, which is 4 episodes long, that was interesting and very nicely made. The performances were subtle but outstanding! The series does an excellent job of building up the series of events that led to the two murders, especially, the religious delusions of the primary perpetrator, his belief that the killings were an act of kindness. This is a good, quick mini series to watch, if you want to watch a true crime drama enacted brilliantly.

These were some of the things we enjoyed in May. I hope you are having a great June!

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