Friday, 13 September 2019

General Whimsy: 20 Things I Miss.

Here are some things I miss right now..

1. Sunshiny days. 

2. College Days. Jai Hind...God I miss everything about Jai Hind. The classes, the people, the fun, the foyer, the steps, the canteen, the professors, the laughs! 

3. Sea breeze. 

4. Sitting on Marine Drive. 

5. Sweaty walks on hot Bombay days. My hair pulled into a bun, a bottle of water and my bag cross bodied and out of the way. My hands free to take pictures and mop up the sweat. And that delicious relief of walking into an air conditioned space after being out all day. Or that breeze hitting you at the  right time. Ah! 

6. Personal blogs. Both writing one and reading some of the most honest and funny and heart felt documentations of life. Do people still have personal blogs?! You know the ones from mid 2000s and then on. I miss them. I wonder what happened to some of those people I read way back when. 

7. Raincoats from my childhood. 

8. A blue velvet frock with a lace peter pan collar I had when I was three. I also had a similar one in maroon but I don't miss it quite as much. 

9. Writing. 

10. Bangalore. Every little thing about it, but especially it's weather and food and places. And my little home. Indira Nagar. 

11. Swati Snacks, I haven't been there in a decade I think! Also Cafe Churchill which was such a college time staple. Cramped space but good food. We would wait outside patiently to land a table. 

12. Colaba Causeway. The shops, the noise, the junk jewellery, the bargains, the cafes and kolhapuri chappals. 

13. Sex and The City, the show..not the films, never the films. 

14. Libraries. 

15. Being stupidly and irrevocably enthusiastic. Trying new things. Cooking elaborate recipes. Baking, even when I didn't know enough. Trying new places. 

16. Those alphabet erasers from the 90s. I had collected quite a few of them and gosh they smelt so good. I also maybe miss those eraser and sharpener combos with a brush in the end. They almost always fell apart and the sharpener was a dud but they used to be so colourful and had that psychedelic sticker on them. 

17. Amul Chocolates, which for some godforsaken reason are so hard to find in stores or online for that matter. But the even sadder thing is they don't taste nearly as good as they used to. 

18. My iPod, which finally sorta died last year. It still works, but takes over 8 hours of charging to play music for under 2 hours. :( 

19. Singing in the shower, I don't know when I stopped. Was it when I lived with roommates? 

20. Buying books just because I liked the sound of it. Walking in to a bookstore and spending unhurried hours lost in the stacks of books and coming back with a few books that called out to me. No hype, no bookstagram, no Good Reads none of that. Just me and my instinct. The older, simpler and no fuss picking of reads. 

What do you miss? 

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