Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hello 2014! Here are my 2014 Reading Resolutions!

Happy New Year guys! Hope this year brings you all kinds of happiness! 

At the beginning of each year, I tend to write down my goals and aspirations for the year. Since last year, I've been making specific Reading Resolutions, to keep my reading focused and giving myself some goals and making sure I stick to it. I have found it useful in the past year and hopefully this year is just the same. 

So here are my Reading Resolutions for 2014! 

1. Read More Classics/// I have this on my list every single year and last year I actually did abide by it. This year I want to read more classic literature, modern classics and Indian classics as well. 

2. Read A Classic a Month/// Similar to point 1, but more focused. I want to read one classic- any kind of classic- each month. This shouldn't be hard...I really should just do it. 

3. Read Big-Fat-Huge Books/// Basically don't get intimidated by the sheer size of the book. The longest book I read in 2013 was Kiss Heaven Goodbye by Tasmina Perry, which was 700+ pages. I also read and loved The Night Film by Marisha Pessl, which was 648 pages. I already have a few big books lined up that I want to read this year. 

4. Don't Read Books That You Don't Like/// I cannot tell you how freeing this feels. To not have to finish a book is a freeing thing! There are bad books, that is a truth. So when one comes across a bad book, you just don't need power through (something I did), you just drop it. In 2013, I started and didn't finish about 10 books or more and it felt good. 

5. Buy Books you Really Want to Read/// Simple really, just buy books I want to immediately read and not something I will read in the future. 

6. Read More Graphic Novels. 

7. Read More Children's Classics/// These books just make me happy! 

8. Re-Read More/// The whole point of buying books is to build a life-library and obviously read beloved books over and over. I re-read quite a few books last year and I hope this year I can more of that in 2014. 

9. Read Books from Different Countries. 

10. Read More Bengali Authors/// Bengali is my mother tongue, I speak it fluently but don't read it. So translated books are my fix of Bengali books. I want to read the books my parents have read and books my family members rave about. 

11. Read Older Books on my Bookshelves/// I have books sitting unread on my shelf for a decade unread! I need to fix that...really fix it! 

12. Read Books That Make Me Happy/// All good books make me happy. Sometimes I just want to read inane silly books and I plan to read more of them this year. 

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Unknown said...

Hey! Nice blog. I'm surprised its not more popular.
So what were some of those bad books from #4? My Name Is Red would be one of the kind for me.
Also, you should totally increase your bookworm cred by visiting !