Thursday, 30 January 2014

January 2014 Book Haul- I.

The books in this haul are mostly Bengali authors. I have heard family and cousins talk about these authors all my life and I am so glad I am getting to read some of their works due to the wonderfulness that is translation!

These books are all from Flipkart and I got them pretty much in the first week of the month. There will be a part II of the January books because I did get more books over the rest of the month. So come back for that.

I have read one other book by Ibn-e Safi in like 2012 I was a fun read with a very retro cover. It read like a 1950s Bollywood film and I like that kinda thing, so I deeply enjoyed that book. I am excited to read this one too. Should be fun!

This little book is just plain beautiful! Cloth bound and golden edged pages! Love it! I have actually read and massively loved this book! Will do a full proper review soon!

This steamy little book was banned when it first came out in 1966 (I think). It deals with adultery and I am very, very excited to see what the fuss is all about!

My mom has read several books by this author and highly recommends it. This is a collection of several and I mean several..nearly 70 short stories. I cannot wait to read it!

I was on a major Byomkesh Bakshi kick last year and read every translated version I could lay my hands on. This collection was out of print last year and the minute it was in stock on Flipkart I had to have it. Read it already and really loved it!

Oh My God! Just feast your eyes in this piece of art! This book, this beautiful hardcover book is simply marvelous! I have heard great things about this book and I am curious to read it but to be honest I 60% bought this book because of how gorgeous it is! Swooooon!

OK, this last book is from Amazon, my first ever book purchase from the site and I was blown away by the service! We ordered it late on a Friday 11.20 pm and it got to us by noon the next day! In like 12 hours! Mind blown! I have since ordered more books from the site and I am a happy camper!

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