Thursday, 15 May 2014

Book Haul: Strand Books Haul.

A few weeks ago, the sister and I spent a lovely day book shop hopping, browsing and buying books. Our first stop was Strand Bookstore. A grand old bookstore, a tiny little room crammed full of books. They aren't ordered in any particular way, so browsing in there is a bit of acquired skill. Since it's organised by genre, you have to scan all the shelves to find something you love. 

I love this. It means I end up with unexpected treasures. 

On this outing, I found some lovely classics. Modern American classics and a Japanese classic I have wanted for a while! 

A very successful bookshop hop this! 

Also came back with three new Peter Pauper Press books. Love them! 

Yay to the joys of buying from a bookshop! 

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