Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday Favourites: Books, Jewellery and Cats and Ducks!

1. A kitty watch...really...what's not to love?! A layered necklace that I got from Forever 21 ages ago and it lay forgotten for a long, long time! 

2. Ducks in three colours. These are meant to be paper clips but come on....these are too freaking cute to just be used as paper clips. I use them as bookmarks. They look rather cute, sitting atop a page. They look like they are floating by. Oh ducks! 

3. This was a good day. Reading a good book on my Kindle at Starbucks, reading, coffee drinking and wearing pretty rings. A good combination! 

4. A pineapple tote from Forever 21. Summer. Fruit. Bright. Pretty. 

5. Some of my orange and white Penguin classics. I have I think...5 more of these books. I love how old school these books look! So pretty! 

6. I recently read and LOVED, ADORED Maus. A full review will be out soon. 

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Unknown said...

Alice in Wonderland by Penguin classics! :)