Saturday, 3 May 2014

Book Haul: World Book Day Haul!

April 23 was World Book Day, so that gave me an excuse to go out and buy some books. 

I went to two local bookstores- Landmark and Crossword and got these books. I could have just as easily ordered books online, and trust me, I very nearly did. There some amazing deals online. Flat 50% off on select books for World Book Day. But I wanted to go out and support an actual bookstore. 

I got three of my books from Landmark for an awesome 3 for 2 deal. And paid 20% on both the Roald Dahl books at Crossword. I paid full price for only one book. So not bad at all! 

I picked some interesting books and 2 new authors to try. I have heard amazing things about Mario Vargas Llosa and the Corban Addison book sounds amazing and is set in Zambia! 

I have read Ru Freeman before and really enjoyed her writing. 

I have more book hauls coming your I've said before April was a very good month! 

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