Friday, 9 February 2018

Friday Favourites: Favourite Indian Skincare + Haircare! (Just Herbs, Kama Ayurveda and More.)

Hello & Welcome to another edition of Friday Favourites. 

Today I want to share some of my favourite Indian Skincare and Haircare Recommendations. 
Lately, I am become a little careful and more interested in the matter of skincare. For years I was blessed with good skin and I took it for granted. Then I moved to Bangalore and while some deal with asthma related problems on the moving to the city, I dealt with some major skin irritants. I would break out and once the acne subsided I was left with some ghastly acne scars! 

Damn! How I missed the teenage good skin I had taken for granted! 

I began to invest in good skincare, mainly from Lush- which has since left India and Clinique- I had a hit and miss situation with this brand. 
Now, I love all things Keihls but I also love looking into gentler, milder and more homegrown options. 
Herbal and ayurvedic products that are chemical free and gentle to my skin have become my now go-to products. 

FYI, I have oily skin which of late has been pretty sensitive. 

Here are some of my my favourite Indian brands when it comes to skincare and haircare! 
All of these I am currently using and really enjoying. 

1. Just Herbs: This is the newest brand I have come across and using. TBH, I've been seeing them pop up on my social media for a year or so and then I saw Tanaya talk about them on her blog and I've been meaning to try out some of their products. But I just never did. 
Till December last year when I was desperate to fix my skin and I was getting pimples left, right and centre! 
I got a few things from them and I am very pleased with everything. 
Plus. they sent 3 generous samples with their order which I was very happy with. 
I am definitely going to buy more from Just Herbs. 

The Anti-Blemish gel is a godsent! 
It has done a fantastic job of reducing my old and new acne scars and healed my skin. 
I love it and highly recommend it, if like me you are dealing with pimples too! 
A little goes a long way and it has made a huge difference to my skin! 

 We also got this shampoo to try out, mainly for my sister. 
This shampoo is good, it cleanses without drying out your hair. 

A gentle exfoliator and I am really loving. I love how it thoroughly cleans your skin without being harsh or over drying it. 
I use it twice a week and my skin glows after I use it. 
I totally recommend it. 

2. Fabindia: An oldie but a goldie. I have always enjoyed Fabindia's beauty line. 
Their shampoos, shower gels and scrubs are some of my favourites. 
I will say though, I am not a fan of their new packaging. This shampoo bottle for instance, is a pain to squeeze! 
The Face Scrub is fantastic, but if my skin is feeling too sensitive I use is as a body exfoliator instead. 

3. Kama Ayurveda: Another old favourite. I've been using and loving Kama Ayurveda products since 2012. I love their shampoos, hail oil- especially the Bringadi hair  oil and shower gels. I haven't tried any skincare from them yet but their haircare is on point. I have used their Lavender shampoo for years and this Cypress Orange range is great too! 

Some of my other Indian Skin and Hair Care Favourites are: 

Biotique- shampoos, hair serum and especially their Honey face wash is brilliant. They also do some very good face masks. 

Lotus Herbals- I swear by their sunscreen and don't ever use any other kind of sunscreen. 

Forrest Essentials- I love how their products smell. I've used everything from body butter, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, perfume and even room spray. It's all very, very good! Their Mogra Jasmine scent is LIFE! 

Khadi- good old Khadi, I've been using them for over a decade. Affordable and so good. I love their shampoos and shower gels and face masks and toners. Very budget friendly and very good products! Their show gels are amazing and easily averrable. I get mine from Amazon and have tried pretty much every variant they have- highly recommend. 

I love all of these brands. 
I think it's nice to find local, homegrown brands that work for you. All of these brands have worked for me and ones I keep going back to. 

If you have some other brands or products to recommend, please let me know. I am always excited to try new skincare. 


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