Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Monday Moods: For the Love of Yellow!

My daily journal full of kooky cats and of course a pastel dreamy shade of yellow! 


For some reason, rather unknown to me, I've decided that my colour for 2018 is yellow. It has always been a colour that I find myself being drawn to. Bright, bold and happy. How can yellow with it's cheery vibes not make you happy? 
And since being slightly obsessed with yellow I find myself being flooded with yellow.

Pom-Poms on my bag.
The tote is from iTokri and the pom-poms are from another bag of mine. 

Yellow with red applique and mirror work.
Kurta from Okhai.
Buddhist inscription pendant from Darjeeling.

A yellow Llama and a yellow tassel on a pouch.

Fields of mustard.

My calendar for 2018 from Bhuli Arts. 

My current read!

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