Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Travel Diary: Kolkata and Krishnanagar

My sister was in Kolkata on work last week and she also had a quick day-trip to the beautiful town of Krishnanagar. Here are some pictures from her travels. 

The famous Kolkata Boi Meyla or Book Fair was going on but, unfortunately, sister's tight schedule didn't permit her to go check it out! Boo! I was hoping for some books! 

A trip to Kolkata is incomplete without indulging in a plate of delicious Chello Kebabs at Peter Cat- a Kolkata institution! So, sister and her friend went there for dinner and had a most satisfying meal! 

After dinner, they hopped over to another Kolkata institution- Flury's! Look at all this deliciousness! 

The famous Flury's chandelier! 

The next day, sister was off to Krishnanagar... With vistas such as these lighting her way! Fields upon fields of mustard! So pretty! 

You are no lover of Bollywood if you don't immediately associate mustard blooms with DDLJ! 

Krishnanagar in West Bengal's Nadia district is known for its beautiful clay dolls and also for taant/ tangail sarees! Sister was insanely busy whilst she was there, but did manage to snap a picture of this beautiful Christo Mandir- a church with statues of India's Freedom Struggle heroes. Look! How unique, right?! 

I hope this little travel diary was fun! 

Back to more book reviews tomorrow!


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