Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Travel Diary: Bibi ka Maqbara at Dusk.


I spent my birthday evening at Bibi Ka Maqbara. 
A tomb of Aurganzeb's first wife- Dilras Bano Begum, that her son- Azam Khan built for her in 1678. 
A lot like the Taj Mahal, much smaller and far less opulent but still stunning. 
I haven't seen the Taj Mahal yet, both my parents have, and as we were strolling down the path towards the tomb, both of them couldn't stop marvelling at just how similar these two monuments were. My parents, were also saying how sad it is that visits to the Taj at night are no longer allowed. My Dad was fortunate to see the Taj Mahal during a full moon night back in 1968 and it is one of his most cherished memories. 

Back to Bibi ka Maqbara, we got here just as dusk was settling in, golden hour. I was a little worried that we might not get to see all of it in proper light, even though the place is open till 9:00 PM, it isn't sufficiently lit up. 
But we have an hour or so of sunlight left and we got to stroll leisurely and take in the beauty. 

I am glad we chose to visit it when we did, as the sun was setting. Because it would have been far too hot to walk around and take in the sights in the scorching sun, it had been a very hot day, even though it was only February. 

Plus the monument looked absolutely stunning during golden hour. 

Some of the details up close. 

The moon was already out and it was a magical sight. 

I wish the place were a little better maintained. It looked a little worse for wear. 
Though some repairs were on while we were visiting. 

We were here for around an hour and a half and it was more than enough time to look around and even sit for a bit and take in the sunset. 

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