Monday, 3 February 2020

Stationery Sunday: 2020 Journal Set Up, A6 Black Canvas TN.

For Stationery Sunday I want to share what my Journal for 2020 looks like. 
My journal is a place for writing about my thoughts and is essentially my Diary. 
I don't write in it everyday, but on days when I need to vent or just document something important. I also sometimes junk journal in it, sticking things like receipts and tags of important purchases. It's like a collage of my days. 
I do a monthly set up and set monthly goals and at the end of the month I make a list of things I loved in the particular month. 
So this is where my brain goes to feel better. 

I am using a traveller's notebook from The Black Canvas in this gorgeous blue leather to house my journal inserts. 
I love the colour and how gloriously soft and supple this leather is. 
I added this bow charm from Lyra and Co made with my favourite Rifle Paper Co. fabric, I think it goes perfectly well with my dori. 

The insert, I love what it says 
A perfect first insert. 
I also added a bunch of stickers on it to make it pop some more. 

Front Page Decor. 
Whimsy and Beautiful. 
The book plate is from Filter, I am not sure of the exact brand. 

Set Goals for 2020. 

January all done up in tones of yellow. 

Some Pages. 

Things I Loved about January. 
I always end my month with a list of things I am grateful for. 

I love how my February page turned out. 
Floral and Wonderful. 

The TN also came with this folder that I use to store some flake stickers. 
Some from the Stickii Club and some that The Black Canvas sent with this TN. 


Traveller's Notebook: The Black Canvas 

Stickers: The Planner Society Kit, Stickii Club and Bon Bon Stickers 

Ephemera: Ali Express 

Insert/Notebook: Kikkik 

Bow: Lyra and Co. 

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