Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fashion Haul: Desically Ethnic Earrings! {Part- I}


Today I want to share a little haul of some seriously delightful things. Since I got quite a few goodies, this haul will be split into a few parts. This Part - I will include all of the earrings I got from Desically Ethnic,  a brand I spotted while browsing on Instagram. They have a ton of stuff- clothing, bags, wallers and other accessories and even home decor bits. 
I stuck to my favourite and got mostly jewellery and some other miscellaneous things (those will be shared soon.) 

For now some beautiful earrings! 
Most of these earrings are from their Up-Cycled Collection- where they use leftover fabrics and put them to good use. I think this is such a good idea and I wish more brands sought out ways to reduce their waste and bring out something beautiful at the same time. 

I got this pair because something in the blue family goes with everything. And I do own a lot of clothes in shades of blue. 

I am always drawn to bright yellows. Yellow is such a happy colour it just makes any outfit pop. 
Plus, these little birds are too cute to pass up! 

Lotus loves! 
My Dad called these my BJP earrings! :) 

More birds because clearly I am mildly obsessed! 
I also loved the fall colours on this one. 

Pinks and Red. 

And one more bird themed jewellery piece! 

I have quite a few bird motif jewellery pieces. I should do a whole collection post. 

I am so in love with these jewellery pieces. They are well-made and fairly affordable. Go check them out. 


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