Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Hello August 2018! + Indian Books in August! + My Current Read.

Hello August! 

Hello Independence Day! 

Hello reading books from the Indian Subcontinent all month long! 

August has become one of  my favourite months of the year thanks to my Reading Theme of the month. For the last 5 years, I've been dedicatedly reading books from the Indian Subcontinent in the month that marks the independence of both India and Pakistan and even the erstwhile- East Pakistan, now of course Bangladesh celebrates it's independence in December. This month has significance for this entire subcontinent of ours and I like to celebrate all month long in the best way I know. BOOKS! 

My Line-up for this year is pretty impressive if I say so myself. 
I have books from Pakistan.
Sri Lanka. 

And of course books from every possible corner of India! 
I am stoked! 

My full TBR will be coming tomorrow. Once I can find my pesky camera and actually snap some pictures! 

I am starting my reading month with Satyajit Ray and Nayak. 
A novelisation of one of Ray's films- Nayak. 
I don't think I've seen the film in it's entirety. So this story will be entirely new to me. 

Ray's aesthetic was everything. 
These pictures are stunning. 

I hope you have a great August. 

I hope it's full of rains and love and good books! 


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