Monday, 6 August 2018

Monday Moods: Favourite Corner of Home- Penguin Moderns + Shelfie Love!


I am a complete homebody. I am happiest at home and it takes a lot of incentive for me to leave my happy place. So it's important to me to have my home reflect who I am and be cozy as it can possibly be. 
In the last month, as I was battling ill health I turned an otherwise boring corner of my home into a book nook. I got the book bracket off of Amazon and use it primarily to hold some books I intend to read in the near future. And I store all of the Penguin Moderns I own in one section because it looks pretty! So why not?! 

I also hold some stickers and bookmarks in one section of the book bracket. 

And here are some of the books. 
I am quite impressed just how many books it holds. 
You can just look under Table Organiser on Amazon and find a bunch of options to choose from. 

Fabric paints in a leaf shaped tray. 
This leaf thingie is so old. We got from Chinhat in Lucknow in the late 90s. I use to hold my fabric paints. 

My perfume corner. Currently mostly a Forrest Essentials corner. 
The Nargis Body Mist is a dream. 
I also love the Mogra cologne. 
The button from Alicia Souza describes me to a T! 

An Ugly Doll I love and call Pugli. My sister got her for from Boston in 2010 and I love her derpy little face. 
A pen stand. 
My old iPhone with my favourite cover.
And my glasses.  So I remember to wear my glasses more often! 

Hope you are having a splendid Monday. 
Mine has been oddly productive. 
Washed a load of laundry and changed all the cushion covers of most of my cushions. My home looks as good as new. 

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