Thursday, 2 August 2018

Monthly TBR: To-Be-Read List for August 2018. Indian Books in August!


I haven't done a TBR post in a hot minute now. I have been reading sans a TBR for close to 3 months now and while that is nice, I do really like having a set TBR to organise my reading a little bit. 

I am so in love with my TBR this month. 
I have been setting books aside for a couple of months and I am so glad I can finally read so many of these great books. 

Above are my books from India, from all corners of the country. 

Tell me a long, long story Edited by Mini  Krishnan (Short stories from all over India.)
Poonachi by Perumal Murugan (Tamil Nadu) 
One Thousand Days in a Refrigerator by Manoj Kumar Panda (Orissa) 
No Presents Please by Jayant Kaikini (Maharashtra) 
Sari Shop by Rupa Bajwa (Delhi) 
Girls Burn Brightest by Sobha Rao (unnamed village in India to Seattle, so diaspora writing.) 
Boyhood by Bhisham Sahni (Punjab) 
Nayak by Satyajit Ray, Novelization by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay (Bengal) 
A Silence of Desire by Kamala Markandaya (Karnataka) 
The Patua Pinnochio by Carlo Collodi and art by Swarna Chitrakar  

Books from the Subcontinent/// 

The Ballad of Ayesha by Anisul Hoque (Bangladesh) 
Austenistan Edited by Laaleen Sukhera (Pakistan) 
Exit West by Mohsin Hamid     (Pakistan)
The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told (A mix of Indian and Pakistani Writers) 
The Story of a Brief Marriage by Anuk Arudpragasam (Sri Lanka)
The Sensational Life and Death of Qandeel Baloch by Sanam Maher (Pakistan) 

I am this is an over-ambitious TBR but I do tend to read a lot faster when I am reading from India and the subcontinent. So I am hopeful I'll be able to read all of these books in a month. 

Happy Reading guys! 

My month is very, very booked! 

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