Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Vignettes/// Bookshop Hangs + OOTD.


Today's post is a happy one. 
Is there anything better than hanging out in a bookshop. 
I think not. 
A nice quiet bookshop, rows and rows of books and leaving with a handful of books. 
My recipe for a perfect day. 

These pictures were taken at Wayword and Wise by my sister a few months ago. I was too busy staring at the bookshelves and trying to control my impulse to go all out and buy a shit to of books- you know usual bookworm problems! 

My sister's ring resting on a bookshelf. 
Ring from Silver Palace, Colaba. 

Me thinking, "How many books can I take with me?" 

Sister buying books for a friend's kiddo. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions! 

This is actually a perfect bag to take book shopping. You can wear it crossbody and so it's out of your way while you are browsing to your heart's content. 
I did have a tote to hold some stuff that didn't fit in this tiny bag. 

Hope you guys are having a good day off. 
Happy Eid to everyone celebrating it. 
I plan on making some kheer to celebrate. 

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