Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Little Tip to Help You Read More/// Make Most of Your TBR.

As you know I've been making a monthly TBR for over two years now. At the beginning of every new month, I draw up a list of all the books I hope to/ intend to read that given month. This helps me in a number of ways...

  • It makes me think about what I want to read.
  • It makes me pick books that have been on my bookshelf for a while.
  • It give a system/ method to my reading life. 
  • It makes picking my next read so much simpler. 
  • It gives me a chance to pick books that either go well together (if I am reading a particular theme) or it helps in mixing things up a bit...if I want to read different books this helps me to do that. 
Now I have loved making a TBR list. It doesn't limit me or restrict me in any way. It might seem like it at first, just having set few books on your monthly reading list. But it isn't, I promise. Plus, I like to be flexible. If for some reason I am not 'feeling' a certain book at a certain time, it's OK to skip it. Put it away and move on to the next book from the list. Also, I don't beat myself up if I completely ignore the list (it happens rarely) and read any odd book I want. Life is too short to be so caught up with rules! 

But overall, making a TBR list really makes my reading life more enjoyable. 

Starting this year I've gone ahead and taken my TBR listing to a whole new level. 

I actually pull out books off my shelves and stack them together and keep said stack that I can easily spot it and it's easily accessible.

See book pile below..

This is my slowly reducing TBR for April. I've already read two more books from this stack. 

Having this stack reminds me of the books I need to get to soon. And seeing it get smaller and smaller just makes me smile :) 

And picking my next read is just super easy. 

If you are struggling with reading more or enough and want to read more, I suggest making a TBR list and having a TBR pile either on your bedside table or study table or somewhere that is convenient to you. Having a physical reminded to read more will help..I promise! I got my sister to make TBR lists and she also concurs that it makes her reading life simpler. 

It's better to spent half an hour in the beginning of the month to draw up a list and put some thought into what you want to read than struggle and stare at your bookshelves every time you want to start a new book.

I love that I started doing this- piling my TBR books. It has helped. Especially on nights when I've finished a book and need a new read and the one on my list is sitting high on a bookshelf and I need to pull and tug and get said book out. This pile of books makes life simpler! :) 

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