Friday, 17 April 2015

Review: Something Happened on The Way to Heaven by Sudha Murthy.

Book: Something Happened on the way to Heave.

Author: 20 various contributors.

Edited By: Sudha Murthy

Pages: 224

How Long it Took Me To Read: 1 day

Read On: Paperback

Plot Summary: The inspiring true stories of the interesting people who inhabit the pages of Sudha Murtys books leave an indelible impression on us. But the books are able to chronicle the stories of only the men and women Mrs. Murty has actually come across herself in the course of her social work. There must be so many more wonderful stories that many others have to share. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven is a collection of twenty such memorable true life stories. Handpicked by Sudha Murty from a contest run by Penguin, they capture the hope, faith, kindness and joy that life is full of, even as we make our way through the daily grind. Moving and uplifting, this is an anthology that will engross and delight every reader who believes in the goodness of the human heart. 

General Thoughts: I love Sudha Murthy's simple and straight forward writing style. Her stories always manage to touch my heart and often make me think about so many different things. When this book came out I wanted it at once but I went off traveling for two months and sorta lost track of it. I bought it last month and had to read at the earliest. 

This book is edited by Sudha Murthy, 20 different people from all walks of life share their inspirational stories. So if you want to read Sudha Murthy's own writing...well she only writes the introduction to this book! :) 

But this is still in the same vein as her story-telling. 

Things I Liked: 

1. The stories in this book are so heart-felt and sincere and really uplifting. I liked that they all had such positive messages in them. 

2. If you like Sudha Murthy's stories and style, you'll like these stories too. 

3. This is perfect read for travel and holidays (and this time of the year), short stories that you can dip in and out of easily. 

4. The 20 stories are all nice. There wasn't a single one I was bored of or wanted to stop reading. 

5. There is such a huge variety in these stories...from acid attack survivor, to a Partition story, to a young boy rescuing a baby langur to just everyday seeminly mundane stories. There is something for everyone. 

6. The hope and inspiration is not heavy-handed at all. It seems light and conversational at all times. 

7. The writing was nice too..simple and easy and this was a very quick and effortless read. 

Rating: 4/5

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