Monday, 27 April 2015

Monday Moods: Joy + 10 Reasons I am Joyful Today!


Another Monday is here and another brand new week is upon us. I figured what better way to kick-start this week than with a gentle reminder to both you and me to Choose Joy Today. A simple statement but oh-so-diffcult to follow through. :)

I wish was as easy as it sounds. To pick Joy and Choose Happiness every single day and in every single situation. But life is hard and people even worse. You might want to focus on the lighter and brighter side of things but people/situation/ life have other agendas. 

Yet I try to find my own joy. And Choose Joy in every single situation.It's hard and sometimes being cranky and negative comes more easily but it's so much more fulfilling to have Joy in your heart. 

So let's see The 10 Reasons I am Joyful this Monday morning....

1. First of all I am joyful and grateful and beyond thankful for my parent's safety. My parents live in our hometown (the same place I spent two months in the beginning of the year) and it is very close to Nepal and on Saturday morning they too experienced tremors from the devastating Earthquake and the aftershocks yesterday morning. Thankfully, they are safe and sound. For that I am so grateful. 

2. I have a yummy breakfast to look forward to and COFFEE! The promise of coffee always makes me joyful. 

3. I just might get some books in the mail today from Amazon! Yay! 

4. There might be Donuts later in the day. I love Donuts and the mere thought of them makes me joyful. 

5. The sun is out..sure it gets unbearably hot by noon, but right now, at 7:31 am, the sun is mild and perfect. 

6. I have only two books left on this month's TBR and I am so happy to see how much I've read this month. I've been on a slower reading phase lately and getting my reading mojo back this month has been so good! 

7. Glitter pens! I recently bought some glitter pens and they are so awesome. They remind me of being 14 years old and obsessed with glitter pens! And guess what? I still love them just as much! 

8. Flowers in bloom everywhere! Summer in India might be brutal but the flowers and gardens coming to life is truly a spectacular sight to feast on. 

9. Ice-cream. Summer and Ice-creams are a match made in heaven! I have had my happy share of ice-cream since Spring and I can't wait to have some more all summer long! 

10. Blogging! I love it, doh! Today I plan on spending some time here and line up some review posts. While I have been reading a ton...reviewing has been a bit slow. Need to fix that and I plan on doing it today. 

Have great Monday you guys and I hope the rest of this week treats you well. 

And remember to Choose Joy! :) 

The notecard is from Kikki.K and I love it, typography, colour and of course the message!

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