Thursday, 30 April 2015

Project 365 2015, Week: 17.


This last week has been nice. Restful and fun. I read a lot. Watched a lot of TV shows and I got my spring cleaning on...a little in the day buy Hey! better late than never! I also got some books in the mail, which is always a nice thing. My parents made some travel plans and even made plans to come see us in a few months. :) I also played with some paints and really enjoyed myself. I am looking for some nice colour pencils...don't know what brand but I am going to do some research and order them online. 

A good week. Nothing fancy! But very, very pleasing all the same! 

Let's see my week in pictures. 

Day 113: I love things from Forest Essentials. I love the brand but I especially love how everything from them smells divine. So good. Give their Mogra and Jasmine scented things a sniff and you'll thank me later! :) I've been trying their Kashmiri Saffrom and Neem Facial Cleaner for a bit now and I love it. It cleans my face really well and it hasn't broken me out and it smells lovely. A perfect face wash to wash my face in the morning with, soothing and the scent just puts me in a good mood!  Totally recommend! :)

Day 114: Some cute faces that I see everyday. My flat is half full of books and half full other cute things. I had a huge Beanie Boo moment in 2012 and bought a ton of these round darlings! I don't regret a thing, they are so cute and I use them as decor in my living room. Who wouldn't love their little faces?!

Day 115: Owl fan for life. 

This little owl pillow sits with the cushions but I never ever lean on him or squish him in any way. He is far too precious to be used as a mere cushion. Hell no! :) 

Day 116: Sunday Funday! Some glorious Sunday brunch grubs! Chicken ham and cheese sandwich, mashed potatoes and bacon and an omelette with mushroom and tomatoes. Delightful! :) 
This year I've tried to do something special every Sunday. I either make pancakes for breakfast or make a smoothie or I try and bake a treat. But this last Sunday we were feeling lazy and just decided to treat ourselves. We cranked up the AC, made some iced-coffee and ordered in some brunch. So good! 

Day 117: Got some books in the mail and I finally, finally got a physical copy of this gorgeous book. We already have it on our Kindle but I really wanted this book in physical form. 

The review for this book already exists on the blog. See HERE. 
 I got this on Amazon. 

Day 118: This is a faux plant- we had a few real ones but they died due to our plant-sitter's neglect whilst we were travelling. We jazzed up the pot with some lace and now it looks super-pretty! 


Day 119: This is the lid of a Hello Kitty mug that our friend- D- gave us about three years ago. It's uber-preciousness kept me from using it, but I woke up that day thinking 'YOLO' and so, decided to use it for my morning coffee! Hello Kitty is always a good idea! :)

So, that was my week! I hope you've had a good one as well! 

Have a nice long weekend, everyone! :) 

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