Monday, 6 April 2015

Book Haul//// Books of April 2015. Part- I.


I started the month of April with a bang! With regards to my book-buying. I didn't mean to but on the first day of the month, I found myself in the vicinity of a bookshop and did what I do in bookshops- browse and buy. 

I love these bunch of books. Two delightful children's classics in gorgeous editions. I got a 20% discount on two books and got the remaining two on a buy one get one half off deal. So I got four books on a discount and I picked up four books I hadn't really heard of before. All good things! That's why I love bookshops. Wander in. Take your time. Look at the books and pick up titles you didn't know about. 

I got these books from Om Book Shop in  Highstreet Phoenix. 

Let's look at the books. 

6 books to read. Not the biggest haul but all of these books make me very happy. 

The Patience Stone- Atiq Rahimi
Karma and Other Stories- Rishi Reddi 
Delhi Anything Goes- Anita Kumar 
The Prostitute's Daughter- Juliet Philip 
Kidnapped and Catriona- Robert Louis Stevenson 
Just So Stories- Kudyard Kipling 

Happy Reading! 


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