Thursday, 2 April 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 13.


Another week has gone by as has another month. 

Can you believe it's April already? 

I've always liked April and I think my childhood has something to do with it. April always meant the end of the school year. Bye-bye classes, early mornings, exams, tests and uniforms. And hello Summer Vacations! For my summer meant going to Calcutta to see both sides of my family. My Thamma, uncle, aunts and cousins and my mum's parents and siblings. They were such wonderful times. Full of being carefree and happy. Long afternoons with made up games. Evening outings. Parks and swing-sets and see-saws. 

Something about April just makes me happy and I guess nostalgic. 

This last week was a good one again. 

The only bleak thing was India crashing out of the World win some, you lose some. 

I spend my week cooking..trying new things and recipes, this year my goal has been to learn some new things in the kitchen. Especially vegetarian food, summer always makes me turn into an vegetarian. It's just just too hot to enjoy meat. 

I also braved the heat and headed out mid-afternoon..bad idea! Bombay is seriously too hot for words right now. I shudder to think what May will bring..

Let's see what my week has been like..

Day 85: Wore muslin kurtis to beat the heat and added my very pretty Laxmi hand-painted pendant. I love this style of jewellery (duh) and love wearing them. This summer I intend to wear more Indian clothes. Indian clothes are just the thing for an Indian summer 

Day 86: In keeping with my intention of more Indian clothes, I bought these pallazzo pants in soothing colours. I plan on wearing this with a plain white tee and oodles of silver jewellery, comfy flats and be utterly comfy.

Day 87: Made Kadhai Paneer for dinner and it turned out pretty damn good. I was mighty impressed with my first attempt. On to more culinary experiments!

Day 88: A round little Ganpu! A corner in our home. Our home, any of our homes, are full of Ganesha idols. 

Day 89: A long day that ends with cake is a good day. 

Day 90: An army of silver bangles! So in love! 
My sister has a brilliant collection of silver bangles that she has collected over a decade. I love wearing her pretty things! :) 

Day 91: A teapot! A cute little teapot necklace, how could I possibly resist this?! Truth be told most of my resistance turns to mulch when I step inside an Accessorize store! :) I used to have delightful teapot pendant from Etsy but it broke and I've been looking for a replacement forever! 

Hope you had a nice week too! 

See you again next week! 

Enjoy the long weekend folks! My plan is to hide from the sun and even bake a cake. I already made a chocolate pudding this evening. Haven't tasted it yet...hope it turns out'll hear about it next week :) 

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