Saturday, 8 July 2017

Friday Favourites: Capsule Wardrobe + Midori Pages + Bows + Bookshelves + Rains + In my Bag + Shoes!

1. Building a Capsule Wardrobe/// I want to streamline my closets. And make a list of all things I want to wear in the immediate future. Since I live in India, which is tropical and a little bit dusty, I can't have a rack of clothes standing out in the open. It would just not be feasible or sensible. So I want to have a dedicated shelf in one of my closets that will have the clothes I want to wear in the next month or so. I think this will help me in wearing clothes I haven't worn in a while and make the most of my wardrobe. 
I am still working on this list. 
Will share more when I am ready. 

2. My sister's Journal Pages/// Before the pen in her Midori Traveler's Notebook. 
A spread for a week in June. 
She does such a good job in her planner! 
So in love with the washi tapes and stickers she uses to prettify her pages. 

3. A pretty little bow on my Bujo!
The bow was a very kind freebie/gift from Lyra & Co. 
I love it so much. It's made from Rifle Paper Co fabric and is so stunning. 

4. A corner of my bookshelves. 

5. Rainy Days. 
I will forever and more love the rains! 

6. Things in my bag. 
Make-up bag.
Just the usual things. 

7. Daisy shoes that I love!
These are from New Look via Koovs. 

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