Sunday, 9 July 2017

Stationery Sunday/// The Planner Society Traveler's Notebook Haul

As you might know, we've been getting the monthly Planner Society Stationery Kit for a few months now..around 8 months and we are a big fans. Every month we get a box of goodies from them with everything from a pen, papers, stamps, stickers and pencil cases. It is amazing! 
( Sadly, our kit didn't make it to us in May, which bummed us out rather!)
But apart from this small mishap, we've loved our TPS kits to death! 

So, when we saw they had some fauxdoris and some other planners in their shop, we were very intrigued and decided to get one and see what we thought about it. 
We feel in love with this print, in which we have a washi tape and some papers from a previous month's kit. I love, love, love the delicate and gorgeous print! 

Let's see the beauty now shall we..

The dori came in this dust bag, which the somewhat trademark image of this chic girl. 
We have a similar motif in stamp and in stickers. 

Look at her! 
Isn't she a beauty?! 
So pretty! 
As far as sizes go, she is a very generous (large/wide) Field Notes/ Pocket sized dori, which will easily fit upto 6 field notes sized notebooks. Plus other decorative and utilitarian things like dashboards, wallet inserts etc. 

The inside looks a like this. 
Rose gold hearts all over. 
It also has pockets on the front and back flap. 
They also sent some pink extra elastic which is always super handy! 

They also sent 3 notebooks with the dori, which is always nice and I love the notebooks that came with the dori

So much beauty! 

This is the first insert. The cover is stunning and PINK! 
The pages look a little like this. 
An interesting layout. I am quite excited to try this at some point. 

The next insert has this gorgeous floral print. 
And the last insert matches the dori perfectly. 
In fact, all of the inserts are perfect this dori

All of the prints sorta go together. 

The second insert has grid paper and says 'Hello Beautiful' on the top of each page. 

The last insert is a blank with the girl and be fabulous written on each page. I haven't yet tried out the pages yet, so I can't tell if they can take all kinds of ink. Once I do, I will let you know. 

Hope you enjoyed this pretty and floral TN haul! 

Have a great week ahead and I'll be back soon with more next week! 

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