Monday, 10 July 2017

Monday Moods: My Current Backpack. {Haul + Rave}

Hello Monday! 

To add some colour and love to this Monday, I am going to share my current bag with you. 
I am clearly having a little bit of a backpack moment right. 
Let's face it, they are super convenient. 
They usually fit a ton of stuff. 
They are kinder to our shoulders. 
And having your handsfree is such a boon! 

For a while now I've been looking for a slightly desi backpack. Something that will go with my Indo-western and my completely Indian outfits. 
This one I think swings both ways. 
It is fairly boho and looks good with a tee-shirt and jeans, as well as when I ditch the tee for a kurti. 
I love the colours and the stripes. Being predominantly red, it goes with most of/all of closet. 
I got mine from The House of Tara via the ever trusty Limeroad
I have bought several things from this brand before and I love their design sensibility and aesthetic. Also their stuff is very well made. This backpack for instance, is super soft and almost squishy. I love it! 

Let's jump into some pictures now..

The main feature of this backpack is this decorative tassel trio. 
It definitely adds to the boho-ness of the bag! 

The inside of the bag and it's flap is lined with this really cute anchor print cloth.
The colours are in keeping with the rest of the bag and the anchors are a nice little detail. 

The inside of the bag. 

The back of the backpack has a nifty little zip compartment to keep your phone and wallet safe from pickpockets and such. 
It's nice to have this as it makes your bag a little bit safer. 
I once had my wallet flicked from my backpack at my train station during college. Not fun!
This secret-ish compartment of sorts is a clever detail. 
The straps are super comfy too! 

The bag in all of it's glory. 
It is such a decent size, it fits everything I need, including an umbrella! 
I might in the future jazz it up with some pins and badges but for now, she is perfect as she is! 

I hope you guys have a good Monday and a splendid rest of the week! 

See you soon with a bookish post or two.

Till then, Happy Reading Folks! 

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