Sunday, 2 July 2017

Stationery Sunday: Classiky and Bande Washi Tapes from Sumthings of Mine

Hello all!
We're having a perfectly lovely and super-rainy Sunday here in aamchi Mumbai! I hope the weather Gods are being kind to you wherever you are!

Sharing our little haul of stickers and Washi Tapes from this cute Malaysian store called Sumthings of Mine (SOM). 

Ordered a few bits and bobs from SOM- some Classiky X Mihako Seiki stickers and some Bande Washi Tapes, which are individual sticker-like washi tapes! :) 

Isn't this stamp cute?! There were some cute bits of paper that the store owner sent along in this envelope! 

Here are the stickers. The Little Match Girl (left) and the Sleepy Cat (right) are so darn cute!!! Going to be using them for general happy decoration of pages. 

A closer look at the Little Match Girl. So cute! 

Here are the African Daisy Bande washi stickers. Each of these individual flowers can be used as a sticker. 

Here are the Roses sticker tapes. Lovely! We have another little Bande washi sticker tape haul coming up. Will share that soon! 

Also ordered some Classiky washi tapes.. this one is a simple brown grid tape. 

These are the other Classiky tapes.. you can see all the swatches below.

Here are all the little things we ordered from SOM. See how the individual flowers can be used as stickers?! So cool and really cute! 

Hope you enjoyed a quick peek at our little haul from Sumthings of Mine! 

Have a great week ahead! 

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