Saturday, 15 July 2017

Stationery Haul/// Itsy-Bitsy & Versa Color Stamp Inks.

Hope this Saturday is treating you well. 
My Saturday is off to a good start. 
A night of sleeping well and a morning full of rain and drizzle. 

Today I want to share a little haul of stamp inks I recently acquired. 
I already have quite a few stamp inks in various forms, like distress inks and regular ones like pigments. 
I did a haul of Tim Holtz Distress Ink on the blog in December. 
My sister and I love stamping. It is such an easy way to add some art and colour to your planner/journal pages. 
I will soon do a stamps and inks post on the blog. 

For now on to the new inks we have. 

Even though we have a lot of coloured inks, we were running low on a basic black ink. The one we had was quite old and was nearly dry. 
We got 2 of these Pigment Stamp Pads and they are so incredibly pigmented.
The olive is such a pretty colour and the black is a wonderful deep and dark black. 

We mainly got the brown ink since we have a lot of floral stamps and some coffee themed ones too. 
This too is very pigmented and a great shade of brown. 
This one is from Versa Color, a brand which we have a ton of inks from and we love. 
The quality of these stamp inks is top notch. 

These are some new colours we got. 
So vivid and so beautiful. 

These are all of them. 
We got all of these online from Itsy Bitsy. 

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