Friday, 7 July 2017

Haul/// Pottering Cat Bookmarks Haul! (Bookish Haul!)

I want to share some beautiful new bookmarks that have come into my life. 
And there are cats involved!!!
I fell in love with these cats the moment I saw them and I am so glad to have them in my life!! 
Plus these make my reading even better. 
I love having cute bookmarks on hand. 
They make my bookish heart very happy! 

Here are all of them! How cute are they!!

A cat drinking coffee and reading a book!! Seriously?! This cat is me! I am this cat! 

A sleepy kitty! So cute! 

A cat with a squirrel friend! So cute! (I think I have used the word 'cute' one too many times in this post!) 

A book and a lamp! This reminds my sister of her hostel days in college! 

Another group shot! :) Love these bookmarks! The best part is that they don't ruin the page at all! 

I got these from Ali Express.

And the maker of these darling bookmarks is Pottering Cat. 

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