Thursday, 24 September 2015

Currently Reading//// A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.


I don't often to entire posts dedicated to my current read...I have side widget dedicated to sharing my current read with you guys. And I also almost always share what I am currently reading on my Instagram. 

But sometimes you read a book so amazing and so good, you just want to talk about it. 

And right this moment I am reading one such book. 

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara is the book I am currently reading. 

This book is getting a lot of attention and a lot of buzz since it first came out earlier in the year. I read/heard  so many incredible things about it and wanted to read it immediately but somehow it has taken me all this time to finally get to it. 

I picked it up a week or so back at Crossword and I started reading it as soon as I could..meaning once I finished the book I was reading at the moment and I got to it. 

This is a beast of a book, size wise, my edition is 720 pages. 720 rather long and rather dense pages. So I am taking my time with it. Also since it's so large and heavy I can't tote it around with me, so I've been taking my Kindle along when I go out and ended up reading a few books on it. 

This book follows 4 friends, all guys, living and trying to achieve their dreams in New York. It follows them from their 20s to a couple of decades later. They are all in different fields--one's a lawyer, one's trying to be an actor, another is trying to make a mark as an artist and one is an architect not doing so well. 

I haven't read a book about male friendships ever and it's nice to read a book about guys and long-term friendships. But the best part about this book is that it gets it---really gets it what it's like to be young and trying to make a life for yourself. Struggling and questioning your every move and every single choice you've made in your life.  Being broke and living in shitty apartments. Being insecure and scared for the future. 

I am really, really loving it! 

Also the books in on the Man Booker 2015 Short List..

I won't be surprised if it wins. 

I am only 178 pages in and I am already rooting for it! 

It's so good! 

Of course, I'll do a full proper review once I am done...I just don't know when that will be. 

Like I said 720 pages and it just got a lot sad and heavy and a tad bit difficult to I am taking it slow and reading it at much slower pace than I usually do. I guess I want to savour reading it. 

I highly recommend it! 

Happy Reading guys! 



Sandeep Sai said...

Hey! I am thinking of reading this book after hearing some really great things being said about this book. Some people went as far as to claim that this is the best book they had ever read in their live. But the theme of this book is very off putting so I was wondering if you can suggest me if I should read this book or not. I am not much into tragedy and abuse stuff but nonetheless if the book is good and worth it I shall give it a go. Thanks and Cheers!

Pooja T said...

Hey Sandeep,

Well...if you ask me I think you should skip this book, I don't think this is a book for you. This is a well-written and nice book but it is also very heavy and incredibly sad and full of descriptions of severe abuse. If you can't handle it....really don't read this. This is not a book for everyone and that is OK.