Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday Moods: A Little Beauty Haul.


And a very Happy Monday to you. 

Hope this week is off to a good start for you. 

Mine is a quiet Monday. 
My sister took an early morning flight which meant I spent most of last night up and packing.
Early morning flights are the worst aren't they?
I spent most of my Monday taking it easy and sleeping. 

Now I am watching some random Bengali TV shows with my dad and messaging with my sister. 

On Friday..I found myself in Beauty Center and with time to kill. 
I wanted one specific thing- The Maybelline Nudes Eyeshadow Pallette, which was out of stock so to I bought a ton of other stuff instead. Well...I got discounts on everything so a good deal all around. 

Let's see what I got! 

Two lipsticks from Street Wear. I bought two lipsticks earlier this year from the brand and loved them. They are really hydrating matte finish lipsticks and so super affordable. I think they retail for Rs. 220 and I paid Rs. 196 after discounts.  

I got the shade No. 16 and No. 17. Hot Ginger and Pink Champagne. 
A nice warm toned browns and a very soft pink-brown colour.

I got three of the Color Show nail polishes...I really like this nail paints, again super cheap and they last for a good least 7-8 days with only minor chips. 

I got the shades..All That Glitters, Starry Nights and  Cinderella Pink.

And finally I hit the Rimmel London counter and hit it well..

I got one nailpolish in Loafer Love for you. 
Lipsticks in Asia and Heather Shimmer.
A mascara. 

And I got a free lipgloss...not bad at all. 

It's so nice to get a ton of drugstore/ high street make-up and feel like you haven't broken the bank. 

I spent a fun half-an-hour in Beauty Center and came home with all these goodies. 

A Good Make-up haul is sometimes just the thing you need! 

Have a nice week ahead you guys! 

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