Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Monthly Favourites/// August 2015.


August is finally done. Can't say I am too sad to see August go by. It was long, long month and full of some hardships. OK I am being a tad bit dramatic but let's just say it wasn't a favourite month of mine. 
Bad health, car troubles and a laptop dying on us...not pleasant at all!

But there were somethings I enjoyed immensely and it's time to talk about it. 

I read 18 books...all Indian and loved my time reading Indian writing.
I spent time with my parents...they drive me up the wall but they are fun. 
I took a road-trip---slightly disastrous but travel nonetheless. 
Watched a ton of movies.
We got a new laptop. Hello Sherlock...well! We named it of course. 
I loved the PLL finale! 

So not so bad...

Let's see some of my favourites this month. 

1. Neutrogena Rainbath Shower & Bath Gel: This is a re-purchase and one of my all time favourite things! It smells divine and moisturizes my skin.  I keep going back to this every couple of months and love it.

2. Inglot Under Make-up Base: This is a new addition to my make-up routine and I am so in love. This goes on just before my foundation and it keeps my foundation and every other thing else in place. It makes my skin super smooth and makes my foundation go one smoothly and makes me skin less oily and sweaty. Love it!

3. Road Trip: As bust as this road trip turned out to troubles and all that...I still loved the long drive. The quiet morning scenes. The lush green village scenes. Rolling fields.  Mountains and fog. And many laughs with my family.

4. Bag of the Month: This little tidy purse from Forever 21 that I got over a year ago but didn't get around to using. It's super pretty on the inside as well. It has a red and white print cloth inside. I love the size. I love big bags...those will always be my first love but small bags are so convenient sometimes. They fit just the essentials and make sure you don't carry a ton of junk with you. 
This bag fits all of my essentials--- wallet, phone, keys, water bottle, make-up bag and other bits like hand sanitiser and gum and lip balm. 

5. Sweet Treats: Ah! I love sweeties all the time and this month I had some sweet things that I want to have over and over and right now if it were possible. 

Above...a blueberry cake from Starbucks which was lovely. 

Below... choice-chip pancakes from Moshe's which is an old favourite. I also love their blueberry pancakes but they always seem to be out of it. 

6. Outfits: I fell back in love with my insect print tees from Zara. These lovely and colourful scarabs are things I bought way back in 2102 when these prints were terribly trendy. I don't like creepy crawlies. They make my stomach turn. But I loved the colour and the illustrations of these and Zara trees are some of the softest things ever. 
I wore these with black jeans and wore the yellow one with a blue layering jacket/shrug. 

7. Decor: I love living in a pretty home. While I take a backseat in most home decor ideas and projects and my sister is the expert/main stylist of our home. I am so in love with these new cushion covers we added to our this month. They are all from Indian August, an online shop for home decor and bags and other beautiful things. 

8. Playful Pugs Fabricdori from Lyra & Co.: It is no secret that my sister and I are big fans of the Traveler's Notebook format and this adorable fabricdori with playful and cute Pugs on it is my newest love! This little beauty is from the Etsy store Lyra & Co. and is so soft yet sturdy. I spend as much time hugging it as I do writing in it! Love, love, love! 

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