Saturday, 5 September 2015

General Whimsy/// Positive Messages.


Hope your Saturday is treating you very, very well! 

I try to surround myself with positive things, positive people and positive thoughts. This is sometimes easier said than done. 

But when it comes to stationery and clothes it's easier to collect things that only speak of happy and life-affirming things. 

From top to bottom...

1. A new Zara tee---that is easily my absolute favourite thing in my closet. It's a statement I wholeheartedly believe in. We are prettiest when we are happy. 

2. Travel essentials so beautifully illustrated. I don't know who the artist is, but I got this and the next postcard from Stickerrific. 

3. Sunday Mornings...this is pretty much how my Sunday mornings look like. In my pjs with a book and super pleased with life. 

4. Make it Happen...such a powerful and motivating message. A journaling card from Kikkik. Love it so much! 

Have a wonderful weekend guys. 

And Happy Janmashtami to those who celebrate it. 
Krishna is one of my favourite Gods (that sounds odd) I love his philosophy and his teachings. 

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