Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday Favourites/// Pink Bloom + Home Details.


Today's edition of Friday Favourites is one from the archives. 
All of these pictures are from a when I lived in Bangalore. 

1. Beautiful and utterly magical pink blossoms all over the city. Come March and the city would get a pink tinge. It made my day when I spotted these pink flowers all over the city. 

2. & 3. Books and books and more books. 
A tidying up spree let to random book piles on the living room floor. 

4. A delightful Bangalore postcard that was a gift from a friend and is from Chumbak .

5. A cup of coffee. If I am not terribly wrong. This was the Gingerbread Latte from Costa, I am so mad and sad that they never brought that Christmas Special flavour back! :( 

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend ahead. 

My plans include meeting friends and exploring some new places in Bombay. 
And reading a wee bit.
And watching all four Scream movies. The TV series just finished it's first season and it has made want to binge watch all the movies again!


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