Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday Moods: What I Watched Over The Weekend.

1. Me And Earl and The Dying Girl: Based on a book by Jesse Andrews, this is story of Greg and Earl who make these truly original and hilarious spoofs of classic movies. Greg is forced to spend time with Rachel, a girl he has known his whole life but doesn't really know. Rachel is diagnosed with Luekemia and Greg and Earl decide to make her a movie. 

This movie is sweet and funny and really subtle.
The pace is a little slow and languid. 
An indie movie and just like how I like my movies--a little quirky and slow and full of very likeable characters. 
I haven't read the book yet but I really want to and soon. 

2. Insidious 3: I fairly enjoy the Insidious movies. They are spooky and the music/background score always gives me the creeps.
The third instalment is independent of the first two movies, so even if you haven't seen the first two films you can still watch and enjoy this movie.
The movie was entertaining and not very scary...there were some jump scares...but nothing too bad. 
Worth a watch. 

3. Jurassic World: I was never a massive fan of the Jurassic Park movies. I never watched the original movies when I was a kid. I only saw them properly...start to finish last week..wierd I know! But I did enjoy them.

Jurassic World was such a fun ride. Entertaining, engrossing and so action packed! Good fun. 
It made me want to see the original trilogy and I recommend this movie...I have a feeling most people  have already seen it, I was like always very late to this party! 

Now on to some TV shows...particularly the new TV shows I've watched this week.
I am a big TV fan and watch a ton of TV shows and I am always happy to sample the new shows. 
Here are two I watched this week...

Heroes Reborn: A reboot of the Heroes Tv show that went off air four years ago.
I watched the original show for it's first 3 season and later my interest waned. But I was happy to give this new avatar a go...sadly I won't be watching anymore of it.
I just didn't like it.
It's not for me.
There were too many characters all introduced in the single episode and it was chaotic and crowded. 
Plus I didn't really like any of the characters very much. 

Scream Queens: This was possibly one the shows I was most looking forward to this year. 
I am a huge, huge scary movie fan and anything that has to do with spooks and scares make me very happy. 

Made by the same people who made American Horror-story, this is a horror-comedy set in a college campus, a sorority house in particular, where a masked killer is on a murder spree. 

I liked it. Didn't LOVE it but liked it. Entertaining and fun.
I wish it were a pure horror, a comedy angle is a bit unsettling to me. 
It's far fetched, over the top and very unreal.
I don't know how long I'll continue to watch it but for now I am OK with watching it. 

I remember being completely enthralled with American Horror-story when it first launched, I only watched the first season start to finish and the rest of the seasons were...a little meh...I am not a huge fan of gore. I much more prefer psychological scares. So I hope Scream Queens continues to be fun and not so heavy on the gore..on the blood and guts. 

What did you watch this weekend? 

Hope you had a nice weekend folks! 

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