Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Reading Tips: 10 Tips to Ace your GoodReads Reading Challenge.


Are you on GoodReads

If you aren't you must.
If you love books and reading and like getting book recommendations and keeping track of all your reading, then it is the perfect spot for you. 

I've been on GoodReads since mid-2012 and I've participated in their Reading Challenge every year since. 
For those who don't know what it is...you set a goal for yourself in the beginning of the year. It can be any number of your choice. I typically set my goal at 100 books every year. And then GoodReads tracks your progress and tells you how you are doing, if you are ahead of your goal of lagging behind. 

I read 104 books in 2012. 
I read 186 books in 2013. 
295 books in 2014 (calm down, loads of comic books included!) 

So I figured I could help out those of you who might be struggling to meet your set goals. 

These are just some tips I thought might help you get to your challenge goal...

1. Comic Books and Graphic Novels/// Super easy to read and very quick to get through. Your numbers will go up like never before once you start reading these books. 

2. Short Story Collections/// Depending on which book you pick up of course...these too are relative fast reads. 

3. Novellas/// Again super short and quick reads. Plus I generally like reading novellas. 

4. Read your favourite genre/// Read the genre you love best. Because chances are you'll breeze through it quickly. Be is literary fiction, fantasy, crime, romance or YA...read a genre you like best.

5. Children's Literature/// Simple stories and shorter length meaning more books read quickly. Plus, I love reading Children's books and their simplicity yet profound messages always touches my heart. 

6. eBooks/// Now, this might be just me but I tend to read wayyyyy faster on an ereader. Both my Kindle and iPad make me read faster. 

7. Read from the genre you find unputdownable//// For me this genre is psychological thrillers and murder mysteries. If well written, this is a genre I fly through. So read a genre you can't seem to put down. 

8. Read Your Favourite Author/// An author whose writing leaves you spellbound is a good bet. Read more works  from your favourite authors and you are more likely to read them fast and of course enjoy yourself thoroughly. 

9. Young Adult/// For most part YA books are quick and easy reads. Also most of them tend to be between 200-350 pages and can be read rather quickly. Also there are soooooo many YA books, you are sure you find one that appeals to you and enjoy. 

10. Contemporary Reads/// When trying to beat a Reading Challenge and when getting your numbers up is a pertinent issue...it's best to leave the classics/historical fiction/ speculative fiction/ alternative universe books a miss. It's best to stick to the current time period. Contemporary books are light, relate-able and easy to sink into. 

I hope these points help. 

As much as I like getting to my GoodReads Reading Challenge Goal...for me reading can never be about numbers. I read because I love reading. I love stories and words and characters and I love the written word. 
Read for the love of it. 
And while you are at it beat a Reading Challenge or two. :) 

Tell me if you have some tips of your own.

Oh...I almost forgot to mention...I have already beaten of Goal of reading 100 books this year by reading 149 books. :) #humblebrag

Happy Reading guys :)

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