Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Favourites: From My Sister's Life.


Friday again and I am feeling a little blues-y! 

Well...might just be PMS. Or the fact that my bedroom AC is acting-up and imagining my life and especially sleeping without my AC is making me very anxious! Total #firstworldproblems! But it's bumming me out! Bombay is hot and muggy and humid! 

On to some favourite things...from my sister's life and her phone..

1. An arm candy shot featuring bracelets from Aquamarine. Love the Buddha bracelet so much. 

2. Packing sister spent a better part of this week travelling on work and this was our bedroom the night before her travels. Packing is not something I am very good at, but I am good at making lists and packing beauty and skincare bits. 

3. A new addition to our Traveller's Notebook! Another delightful notebooks from Lyra and Co. Such pretty florals. 

4. A yummy dinner from last week...a Shashuka from Moshe's. So good! 

5. A glorious summer sunset. My sister is a little obsessed with sunsets. So overtime our window unfolds scenes of beauty we can find her half out the window snapping away pics. :) 

Have a good weekend guys! 

I hope to get my AC fixed. 
Read a massive book. 
And watch some movies! 

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