Thursday, 30 January 2020

Book Journal 2020. {Set-Up and Decor.}


I recently, well a couple of weeks ago, finally set up my Book Journal for 2020. I've been using the same notebook, from Rifle Paper Co since 2018 and now it will house 3 years worth of book reviews and musings and thoughts and lists of books to get and books I didn't finish. In short, the very essence of my bookish life lives in this notebook. I've had a Book Journal since 2012. Before that I used whichever planner I was using as a means of keeping tab on my reading but let me tell you, having a specific place for all my book related things to be in has been a a life changer. Not to mention it's took to have a place to go look back at my year's reading. 

So let's see how I went about setting my Book Journal for 2020. 
I set this journal using the limited amount of supplies I had carried with me on my holiday. But I still think it's turned out pretty good! 

The front page for this year. 
A girl with flowers and all things that make my bookish heart happy. 
A cozy chair to read on. 
A stack of books! 

All of these little stickers are from The Planner Society Kit. 

My Bookish Life. 

The supplies I used. 
Sticker sheets from Planner Society. 
Girl stickers from BonBon Stickers. 

To differentiate between the last year and this I used this postcard from Hastnirmit that she sent across as a freebie with a bunch of bookmarks I had ordered. 
It's a perfect mood for my book journal. 

Monthly pages. 

Reading Resolutions. 
20 Books I want to Read in 2020. 

I am still working on this list. 

Some months when I can be bothered to make a TBR, I make one and then I start writing about the books I've read and how I feel about them. 

I also have a running list of books I want to buy and a list of books I DNF-ed through the year. 
Basically anything book related ends up here. 
Do you have a book journal? 


Notebook- Rifle Paper Co.

Postcard- Bookmarks by Hastnirmit 

Sticker and Diecuts- The Planner Society Kit 

Girl Stickers- BonBon Stickers 

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