Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Book Haul/// Comic Books Lately.


How is this Tuesday treating you? 

I am doing OK, and devoting most of my time today in reading a major chunk of my current read. The Strangler Vine by M.J. Carter. It's a massive book- 408 pages- and I am hoping to hunker down and read a significant chunk of it today. 

I hate it when books take me longer than 2 days to read, it's unreasonable but true. I don't even care how long the book is I want it read in two days. And I have been reading this book since Saturday morning. I was busy-ish over the weekend and I did read a comic book last night but I just want to make progress with this book. I am enjoying myself reading it so that's not an issue at all. 

Now on to Comic Books...I am not an expert or anything and I am very new to the whole comic book party. But I am enjoying myself and see myself read more these gems in the time to come. 

I get most of my comic books through my friend T, he lovesssss Comic Books and I borrow the ones he recommends. :) 

These are some I intend on reading soon...

I find comic and graphic novels such a wonderful way to telling a story and I also enjoy how they are told in a brisk fashion and are so engaging. Plus, art and design and illustrations are always lovely. 

I also tend to use graphic novels as a palette cleanser. A little break from reading 'regular' books and taking a bit of a break of wordiness. 

I am so excited for all these comics/graphic novels! 

Happy Reading guys :) 


Shweta said...

You have a lovely blog!It has been a while since I stumbled upon something so pretty on book blogosphere :)

I used to be the kind that thought of graphic novels as palate cleansers until I got into a serious comic book GN reading craze mode. Now they are a part of my regular reading diet.

Pooja T said...

Hey! And thank-you :)))

I went through a major comic book mania last year and loved every second of it...I kinda miss it and I really need to get back to my graphic novel reading kick! :)