Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday Favourites: Planner Love

I thought I would share some pictures of my Kikki K 'Dark Mint Planner'.

I have used planners off-and-on ever since I started working. It helps me keep my professional and personal to-dos in place as well as put down 'goals' for big and small things.

There are many beautiful planners available both in India and via online stores. Kikki K is my favourite brand for planners because they are pretty and very well-made. Also, their 'personal planner' format- which essentially includes several blank pages for notes and to-dos works very well for me. I don't use a page-a-day format for writing down meetings and such (I use the monthly calender spread for that) and so, undated pages work best for me.


 Here is the planner. Isn't she a beauty?

 The inside of the planner is lined with a beautiful midnight blue fabric with white polka dots. Also, here is my cover page. I decorated it inspired by a Kikki K video, where they shared planner set up and decoration ideas.

 Here is what the planner comes with. Like I mentioned, my favourite part of the 'personal planner' from Kikki K is the 'undated' calendar and pages. I can truly customise it the way I want to and use it for a variety of purposes. 

Currently, the sections in my planner include- Meeting Notes, Work To-Dos, Personal To-Dos and Goals. Here is an example of some silly weekend goals :) 

 Here is another view of the front pockets- I have some page flags to mark out any important pages and the little notepad is very useful for grocery lists of any reminders to pay bills or some such. 

Are you a planner person? If yes, what is your favourite brand of planner and how do you use yours? I would love to know! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ramya said...

I stumbled upon your blog while searching for kikki k planners in India.
Did you order it online from the Worldwide store to be shipped to India? I saw that local customs duty would be applicable. Was there any additional customs fee/charges during import into India?


Pooja T said...


I ordered it online and there weren't any additional duties that I had to pay that I can think of. It was all pretty smooth.