Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Travel Diary/// A House in the Hills.

A few months ago I spent a weekend in the forest. It was a wonderful few days. The quiet. The rustling of leaving. Endless cups of coffee. The sounds of birds cooing. The shrill sound of a passing by train that came by a once in a few hours. A place to rest and read and just take in nature in all it's glory. 

The place is called Mong Pong and it's very close to the Sikkim border and it is a serenely beautiful spot.

I was there with family and extended family and every moment that I wasn't walking in the woods and taking pictures and trying to spot a peacock, I was sitting with my family and listening to stories from the past. There was also a ghost-story telling session which was hands down my favourite part of this holiday. Ghost stories in the middle of the forest. Yes please! :) 

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