Monday, 4 May 2015

Monday Moods: Garden TBT.

This was one long Monday! It was just one thing after another. I usually love to get these Monday Mood posts up in the morning so my week can start early but today has been supremely busy. 

In spite of being busy, I have managed to do some reading..I am currently reading, rather re-reading the Tintin comics. 

I also made some chocolate pudding...this was done mostly to cheer me and my sister up. 

We ate a nice lunch of homemade spaghetti with tomatoes, mince meat and mushroom and peppers. Yum! Good food always puts a good spin on things. 

I also ate an iced-candy in Mango flavour. So good and reminds me of simple childhood treats. 

Plus I got some family gossip from my parents. 

So a long but fruitful day. 

These lush gardens were photographed on my holiday. My family and I spent some time in this glorious Sinclairs property in Dooars and I just loved the lush lawns and flowers in bloom! It was a happy time and I felt relaxed and wonderful and I just want to go back! :)

A nice reminder of a great time on a day that was just not as great! 

Hope this week is a good one! 


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