Thursday, 21 May 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 20.


Another week to look back on. This one was a scorcher. I know I sound like a broken record but I can't help it. Bombay has been so hot and unbelievably humid lately. Ugh! I can't wait for the rains to get here. Rainy days and cloudy skies are all I can hope for now. 

I spent most of this last week at home. The sun and the heat is not something I want to brave.
But I did manage to have a tiny shopping excursion. 
Go out for dinner. 
And I got some books in the mail.
Read a fair bit.
Cleaned my house.
Drank lots of cool drinks. 
Bought darlinggggg shoes! 
Woke up early on most days. 
Got new sunglasses---after a long time.
Got colour pencils.
Coloured to my heart's content. 

So a nice week of summer. 

Let's see my week in pictures...

Day 134: This little face just brings me so much joy. The goggly eyes and her pink polka-dot-ness is all very endearing. They are meant to be bag charms but I can't bear the idea of hanging them from my bag and God-forbid one of them falling off and getting lost! :( So my little owl just stays home and looks pretty. :) 

Day 135: A pretty phone cover with little darling elephants on them. From Chumbak and I love the illustration and the mint colour. 

Day 136: A quiet corner of home. We cleaned up and re-jigged our living room this past week and added a touch of colour and print to our walls and set these candles (the birds) and this ceramic frog in front of it.

Day 137: I got two new sunglasses from Aldo in honour of summer. I meant to get some Aviator style sunnies but I realised it's just not ME. I much rather like sunglasses with a dash of colour. These ones from Aldo are comfortable and keep the sun out of my eyes.

Day 138: A look inside my over-flowing pencil case. :) Full of pens I use on a daily basis and full of pens with cute prints. 

Day 139: Rose Milkshake awesomeness! 
All you need to make this amazing and cooling summer drink is..

Rose Syrup..I use one one from Mapro.
Ice-cream (I used vanilla.)
Chia seeds. (soak them in water so they fluff up and do their thing.)

Put milk, ice-cream and rose syrup in the blender and blend for a little bit till everything mixes up. 
Put soaked chia seeds in the bottom of the cup and pour the milkshake over it. You may also add an additional scoop of ice-cream to top off your drink.
And you have cup of cooling delicious milkshake! :)

Day 140: My darling new shoes from Zara. Periwinkle Oxfords FTW! So cute. And comfy and I already have a couple of ideas on how to style them. So excited to wear these babies out! Yay!

So here was a glimpse into my week. 
Hope you had a nice week too. 

See you again next week!

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