Sunday, 31 May 2015

Stationery Sunday: Filter Haul

Filter is a charming little store tucked away in a quiet lane off Rhythm House in Kala Ghoda.

Filter has really unique and beautifully crafted stationery and is a store we love visiting. We found ourselves in Kala Ghoda recently and so, walked down to Filter and picked up a few bits and bobs.

Here is our Filter loot! 

 New Yorker Cover Postcards. Look at these pretty prints! These, apart from being postcards, can also work as bookmarks or as planner dashboards, if you are into planners.

 The old-fashioned bus ticket! Sigh. Brings back so many memories. Love this A5 bus ticket notebook, which was bought mainly for the pretty ticket cover. A charming bit of nostalgia.

 One of our more adventurous home library projects is to have bookplates on all our books. We have toyed with the idea of getting actual paper bookplates or get a custom stamp made, which says 'From the Library of Pooja' or some such...


 .. so far we haven't decided on the approach, but then we saw these pretty bookplates at Filter and thought may as well buy some and get started.. We could possibly still get a custom stamp made.. but these are a good way to get started, me thinks! Aren't these just sublimely lovely?

One can never have enough bookmarks, in my opinion!


 Love the quality of these bookmarks as well as the lettering. So pretty!


So, here it is- our Filter haul! :) 
If you love stationery that is unique and off-the-beaten track, then Filter is the place to check out. 


Anonymous said...

I didn't know of such a shop in Kala Ghoda.
The Bookplates and bookmarks were really awesome and now I really want to check out this shop!

Your blog is really awesome!

Pooja T said...

Thank-you :) Do check it out it's worth a visit, they really have some unique things! :)