Friday, 15 May 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 19.


Another week has rushed on by. 

A nice week this. Busy but nice. I got a lot of stuff on my to-do list done and there is nothing is as satisfying as ticking off things a to-do list. :) Oh the joys of list making. I can't recommend list making enough. 

I also got my first ever leather fauxdori from Pelle Studio and I am so in love. 

This week also had a couple of favourite TV shows have their Season Finale-- Criminal Minds, Castle and Bones. Can you tell I love some crime shows? 

I also watched some episodes of CSI Cyber, I am enjoying this show, it isn't brilliant but it's very entertaining. 

A good week overall, even though my insomnia flared up again. It's no fun waiting to fall asleep for hours. :( 

Let's see my week in pictures...

Day 127: This day was so fun it deserves two pictures, I have been seeing pictures of planner addicts/enthusiasts putting tassels on their planners. Now those tassels were good but made out of wool. Wool and an Indian summer just do not gel together. So I looked through my treasure chest---really just a my closet---and found these silk tassels I had from ages ago from Soma. They are meant as curtain dangley thingie but I used them as pendants and now I use it to decorate my planner! Yay! 

I love how the pink looks with the lilac! :)

Day  128: My iPad in an orange leather cover and my sister's Kikkik planner just casually hanging out. I spent a huge chunk of my day watching Youtube videos. My latest fixation is cooking videos and trying out the new things I learn.

Day 129: Fox Appeal!!! Foxes on my pencil pouch and phone-case. So cute I just can't deal. They are both from Chumbak.

Day 130: A day I was feeling crummy and sick and off and my darlingggggg sister got me chocolate cake to cheer me up. I am so blessed to have a sister who is so kind and loving. I hope everyone has a person in their life who cares about them enough to bring cake to cheer them up. Thank-you sisterness. You are all kinds of lovely! :) 

Day 131: Pelle Doris in all their glory!!!  :) So pretty aren't they? 

They are from PelleStudio. 

If you are looking for leather fauxdoris I highly recommend you check out this shop. 

Day 132: Drinks in a super cool tumbler we got from Dhoop Crafts. 

Apart from being pretty. A steel tumbler just helps in keeping beverages cold for longer.

Day 133: A darling little sparkly pendant I wore. It's from Accessorize.

Hope this week is kind to you. 

Have a nice weekend guys. 

See you again next week. :)

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