Sunday, 24 May 2015

Weekend Reads/// Set- 7.


My plans for reading this weekend were simple and slow. I have had a busy weekend with chores, errands and even some socialising with visiting friends. So reading has been on the back burner this weekend. 

Thus my reading goals have been simple too. 

Flip through Miss Vogue...I didn't even know we had a Miss Vogue/Teen Vogue in India! When did this happen?! I picked it up on Friday evening and I have done a cursory flipping through and it's nice...a little to chaotic for my too many pictures in one page and to many elements in one glance. But it's nice. 

And on to serious reading...I plan on finishing an ARC- Advanced Reader's Copy- book I have on my Kindle and then perhaps read something light and fun.
 I bought some ebooks on my Kindle last night and I may get started with one of them...I haven't decided which one yet. But Two Fates- The Story of my Divorce by Judy Balan seems fun and light and quick. So I might read that.

I hope you guys are having a nice weekend! 

Mine was good fun! 



Rash said...

Hey your kindle cover is amazing..May i know from where you brought it :-)
Loved you blog and all book reviews :-)

Pooja T said...

Hey Rash,

Thank-you. It's a basic cover for the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon itself..though I am pretty sure it's not available anymore :( The kitty is a sticker I added for fun. It's not part of the pink leather cover! :)